>>> The warp    Linen yarn 16/2 (16/2 Lin), tex 103x2. 1 kg = n. 4900 m. Garnhuset i Kinna.
>>> Warp    width 30,6 cm, density 20 lankaa/cm, number of warp ends 612, length 10 m.
>>> Reed    50/4
>>> Weave    Warp-faced rep.

Instructions for winding the warp

18 threads yarn light blue-grey (21) + bleached
18 threads dark blue-grey (23) + bleached
156 threads unbleached + bleached
18 threads dark beige (67) + bleached
18 threads light beige (61) + bleached
156 threads unbleached + bleached = the middle
Wind the other edge of the warp as a mirror image.
612 threads in total

The amount of warp yarn needed for 10 metres: Linen yarn 16/2, tex 103x2, bleached 590 g, unbleached 570 g, (21) light blue-grey 35 g, (23) dark blue-grey 35 g, (67) beige 35 g, (61) light beige 35 g.

Amount of weft yarn needed

Minibom yarn, Garnhuset i Kinna
01 bleached 75 g per 1 metre (1 kg = 900 m).
Linen yarn 12/1 (12/1 Lin) tex 137
bleached 9 g per 1 metre (1 kg = ca. 7,400 m).
Including borders of 3.5 cm each.

Weaving instructions

For the border, weave 3.5 cm with the bleached 12/1 linen yarn using treadles 1 and 2. Weave the runners according to the treadling instructions using the bleached 12/1 linen yarn as fine weft and the white Minibom yarn as bulky weft. You can also make your own bulky weft from threads of yarn.*


Finish the runners by sewing 3-step zigzag stitches on the ends; then you can cut the pieces apart. Sew the borders by hand or use a machine, the width of the finished border is 1.3 cm.

Silver Moon, a striped pattern

Silver Moon, locket

Silver Moon, a floral pattern

Silver Moon, checked

Make your own bulky weft for the ribbed runner!

  1. Select suitable materials. For a cotton, cotton linen and linen warp, you can use cotton or cotton linen. You can also use single-ply yarn. You can also add linen to the weft for a linen warp.
  2. Choose your colours. In a runner made with warp-faced rep, the weft is visible on the edge, and a colour close to the colour of the border stripe on the warp might be suitable. If your warp is mainly one colour, you might also wish to use that colour for the weft.
  3. Make the weft as thick as you wish.
  4. Roll the thread evenly and firmly on a rug shuttle.

Place the balls or bobbins in a box or crate, gather the ends together and roll the threads on a shuttle. You will end up with cable yarn to be used for the bulky weft in your ribbed runner. It is better to combine a number of fine threads rather than two or three bulky ones. This will make your weft sturdier and smoother.

The Silver Moon runner with a checked pattern was woven with a weft we made ourselves. The weft was a combination of six threads. We used the following types of yarn: cotton yarn 8/2 white and off-white, cotton linen 22/2 white, and cotton yarn 16/2 white and off-white. The amount of yarn we needed was 70 g per 1 metre.