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Welcome to the fascinating world of Nordic Weaving, where you can always find new and inspirational weaving projects and ideas. By combining natural fibres, colourful yarns and different structures you´ll get beautiful textiles to wear and use at home.

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The issue Summer 2/2021 is out now!

FINNWEAVE intrigues those who have never tried to weave it. Weavers know the technique, but they usually need to recall for a moment before starting to weave it again after a break. We wove a Flower Finnweave with a strong yarn and took a photo of each step for this magazine. Learn the technique or recall your old memories with these instructions. We also made a Finnweave video to YouTube, go to see it!

What would be a Weaver’s Pick magazine without RUG PATTERNS? In this issue, we are weaving large patterns to rugs as well, but in an easier way: with a clasped weft technique.

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The Summer issue 2/2021 is out

“Weave webs, interlace threads and merrily fly the shuttle. The Weaver´s Pick is your source for ideas and inspiration.”

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Summer 2 - 2021