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Welcome to the fascinating world of Nordic Weaving, where you can always find new and inspirational weaving projects and ideas. By combining natural fibres, colourful yarns and different structures you´ll get beautiful textiles to wear and use at home.

The issue Winter 4/2021 is out now!

The TIED UP SCARF has been finished into a tube in a fun and easy way. The yarns from an apron rod knots and the threads from end loop of the warp have been tied together with macramé knots.

WEAVE – CUT – WEAVE  Twice woven fabric changes it’s character based on the yarn and weft that is used. – Weave tight chenille strips of wool and linen threads and weave a sturdy little rug and pillowcase with them. – Chenille strip double bed cover has beeen woven as a double width weave structure. The tufted stripes that soften the surface of the cover are made with chenille strips that we have woven ourselves, and the rest of the weft is cotton fabric strip. 

STARS – The beautiful star pattern tablecloth was found at an old thrift store. The pattern is much the same as the familiar Snowflake, but the central motifs are different. We adapted the pattern and wove it with a thin colored linen yarn into an unbleached cotton yarn warp.

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The Winter issue 4/2021 is out

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Welcome Summer!

Decorate with woven pillows, knitted curtains and chrocheted pot covers.

Large shapes

Weave the background with poppana or narrow cotton strips