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Welcome to the fascinating world of Nordic Weaving, where you can always find new and inspirational weaving projects and ideas. By combining natural fibres, colourful yarns and different structures you´ll get beautiful textiles to wear and use at home.

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The issue Spring 1/2021 is out now!

ALL KINDS OF FABRICS. Accidentally, the patterns in this issue have the two extremes in sett presented. The scarves Worry-free Wrap and Whoosh Wrap are gauze-like thin, whereas the Winter Swimming Towels are very thick and dense. The thick structure in the towels is produced by weft backing. The warp gets covered between the face side and the reverse side wefts. Bunny’s Tiny Towels were woven in a SMALL TABLE LOOM, but you can weave they as well in a large floor looms.

With the Colourful Quintet of hand towels you can create multiple different patterns and surfaces by weaving with different colour orders. This traditional M’s and O’s weave structure can be produced with only four shafts and treadles.

Dare to try colours you wouldn’t normally use. Our Wave and Orchid Multipurpose Fabric designs include irresistibly wonderful colour combinations that inspire you to start designing your fabric.

The weft yarns in the Woad – Bluish-grey tapestry have been hand dyed with woad. The Button – White tapestry is plain but elegant.

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The Spring issue 1/2021 is out in March week 9.


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