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Welcome to the fascinating world of Nordic Weaving, where you can always find new and inspirational weaving projects and ideas. By combining natural fibres, colourful yarns and different structures you´ll get beautiful textiles to wear and use at home. Now you have the opportunity to learn how to weave the world-famous Nordic Finnish rugs!.

The issue Autumn 3/2019 is out now!

For this issue, we created illustrated instructions for using a table loom and some quick-to-make patterns for you to try. Have a go and fall in love with the small loom! A rag rugs has now colours in the warp. Take jeans and cut them as a weft for the two colour warp.

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The autumn issue 3/2019 was out on 16 september. Next issue Winter 4/2019 is out on nowember.

“Weave textures, interlace threads and merrily fly the shuttle. The Weaver´s Pick is your source for ideas and inspiration.”

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Autumn 3 2019