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The Weaver´s Pick is full of ideas and projects for everyone with an interest in Nordic handweaving. Come join us in the wonderful world of weaving!

The print and digital magazines will no longer be published in 2023, but  you can still buy single issues and individual patterns.

The website will be renewed at the beginning of 2023!

Cover the rug with stars

Stars twinkle on the surface of the snow-white cracle weave rug. Beside the stars and other motifs with the plain weave ground, you can weave flaming northern light arcs in the same warp only with four treadles. The pattern has four shafts and four pattern treadles and two treadles for plain weave ground.

Weave a triangle!

Call your friend to visit and have a fun day with weaving! For weaving a triangle shape scarf two persons are needed, the weaver and the “snapper”. While weaving the scarf you can share the latest news and topics.


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Kankaanrakentajan opas (in Finnish) includes instructions for winding the warp, beaming and tying up the treadles. Kankaanrakentajan sidosoppi (in Finnish) is a guidebook on the theory of fabric structure basics.

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